Jason Todd Should Die

Okay, So I have an argument as to why Jason Todd should die.
So ever heard the phrase “Those who don’t know history are doomed to repeat it”? Well in this case we should all throw that out the window! In 1988 fans were given the chance to kill or save Jason Todd and as all of us should know, Jason met his maker at the hands of the Joker. Now while the Joker was introduced in Titans he wasn’t really given a big aspect to the story besides through a vision. I think because Deathstroke is such a force to be reckoned with, having already shown to have killed Aqualad, the role of Jasons killer should fall to him. Hell he’s been shown (in the comics) to have killed entire cities. My point being, having Deathstroke kill Jason Todd will Cement Deathstroke as the villian everyone knows from the comics, “Brought To Life” on screen.

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I want Red Hood!!

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And how do you plan on resurrecting Jason? Assuming he dies (whether he does or not, see the Titans episode that dropped today.)

If it’s not Joker, it doesn’t fall on Batman, and Ra’s doesn’t need to feel guilty so he will have no reason to steal Jason’s body and resurrect Jason.

Slade is already a “big bad”. Between the comics, TT animated & (Yes, date I say it, as much as it pains me) Arrow. His place in the canon of DC is well cemented and killing or not killing Jason will do nothing to change that.