Jason Todd in Titans - Live Or Die?

Let him live.

Im split.
Killing him now would OBVIOUSLY give us Redhood.
But he wouldn’t have died by joker, which is a major plot thing for him. If he just “falls off a building” then its not that angsty ya know?

I completely agree he’s gotta live… the joker is the only person allowed to kill Jason. Not deathstroke.

Until after he has been part of the titian’s for awhile growing his talents and building up his story. Only to have his temporary death and return as red hood. Now it doesn’t have to be at the hands of the joker, but definitely not Slade. Slade is the original Robins biggest tormenter/teacher to have him kill his successor to the Robin role. Is a cheap way to cross two major story arcs for the titian’s and the bat family. If he does die I think it’s going to feel rushed and more people will regret not having him in the show, since the kid is doing an amazing job as a young Jason Todd. Especially after they get over the first 5minutes of cool we voted and he died. It’s to much like the original comic book story where the joker kills him instead, because the people voted for it and it happened. That was a way different and way toned down Jason Todd that fit that era. I say new era new story new outcome. I give it the thumb up let him live!

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Jason is better for Titans than Red Hood.

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I think Jason Todd should die because if he doesn’t, we wouldn’t get our favorite anti hero, Red Hood. Red Hood has been apart of Batman storylines for many years and it would be amazing if they did a [good] live action Red Hood.


I agree but only by jokers hand

As much as I would love Jason Todd to die by joker, im not expecting it. I’ll be satisfied by a death by Deathstroke as long as he becomes red hood shortly after.

If he dies now it would a rushed and terrible death for a start to a red hood story line. None of the main motivations for jason becoming red hood are there yet. If he dies now it would just be a cheap and rushed excuse to add red hood just because people are thinking in the short term and want red hood now and don’t want to wait for meaningful character growth and death, that would ultimately be much better in the long run for the red hood character.


As much as I want to see Red Hood now, I think we need more character development first with Jason. He is an important part of the team and Dick still hasn’t donned the Nightwing costume yet. Still need a Robin

I agree but they’ve turned this Jason into son of batman (cant remember his name…just let him go and come back in season3

They cant do this to the red hood story line

The reason red hood was so good if a charactor was because of his death at the hands of the joker and the fact that batman let the joker live if they do it this way i think it will be lack luster to say the least

Also the name you were looking for was Damian wayne (son of batman)

It would be cool if he didnt come back at all, assuming they ever do kill him. I dont care for Red Hood. The only good hood story is his debut story. Other than that, hes a total edgelord. “He haz 2 gunz! Hes so KEWL! BANG!BANG!BANG!BANG!PEW!PEW!PEW!PEW!” He was better as the dead orphan that Bruce failed to protect, imo

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In the new Death in the Family movie coming out soon, what will happen if you choose to not kill Robin? I love this idea. The popular belief that AT&T taking over will ruin DC is silly. This movie is hopefully just the beginning of great ideas. I remember calling in to vote, and of course I wanted him to live. Now I get that chance. But, what will happen when I chose that? Would Tim Drake even be in the picture? Would Damien Wayne stay with the League of Shadows? And what about Jason Todd’s mom? She died at the hands of the Joker in the comic. How will Jason survive? Does Batman save him? Or does his mom double cross the Joker? What do you think?