Jason MUST live

the Joker MUST kill him or Batman has to be there. it won’t be the same if he dies because non Robin could not save him. IT HAS TO BE BRUCE.


I am fine with him dying and it not being about Batman. Either way it will fuel a deeper thought in the heroes about the risk of what they do and consequences

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You do realize he’s probably gonna life through the episode, right?

If he was gonna get killed off, wouldn’t they have announced the actor’s departure?

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I appreciate the sentimentality, but I would be okay if he died with the Titans, but at least wait until the end of season 3 for it!

Even if he did die there would still be room for the actor to stay with red hood and everything. I agree with the fact that it has to be by the joker though this just isnt giving the same impact as it does the original way.

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It’s too soon. Only the second season. If he dies, Garth has to come back! :blush:

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It just dont seem right falling off a building compared to being beaten til you can hardly move… Nope has to die in a more dark sadistic painful and agonizing way… This is just to easy and has a less of an impact …

Starfire is gonna fly out of the building and save him

Whatever it takes.

Its DC and WB they change timelines and stories like I change my underwear and socks each day. They have no consistency and their continuity is held together by chewing gum and bailing wire. Titans is a great show. Honestly jason is a good character. But because DC and WB think they know better than their fans they’ll do something off the wall dumb. Btw can’t starfire fly? Or did she conveniently forget she could. Like in BvS when supes forgot how to use 90% of his powers.

Thats bs he never dies by the hand of deatnstroke

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He cant die im going to guess that starfire saves him

I hope connor comes and saves him.


My problem with him dying is the scene was really lame. Dick had him in his hand and dropped him.


He is too dynamic of a character to die by Deathstroke hands… He is a perfect Robin foible to help Dick step up to become Nightwing


It’s a perfect moment to have us see how he’s somewhat seen the error of his ways, and to then be grateful, for once, to be saved by someone. Then…he can be a better member of the team.

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