James McAvoy Wants To Be Riddldr

McAvoy is interested in playing him. During a live Q&A on his Instagram (captured by Fandom), McAvoy was asked who he’d like to play in the DC universe. After taking some time to think about his response, he revealed The Riddler is a character he’s always been a fan of and would like to play, further saying, “I’ve always thought DC does really good bad guys.” Im all for it.

What are your thoughts?


DC make this happen!

Man that would be awesome! :grinning: I hope it’ll happen.

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Seriously, give him any role he wants and he will kill it. I’d watch McAvoy as Batman, Dr. Strange, Joker, Penguin. Hell, I’m pretty sure he could play a convincing Catwoman. I cant express how impressed I am with this guys acting abilities

I approve!

The only actor I’ve ever pictured when I imagine the Riddler I’ve always wanted to see on the big screen is William H. Macy. But I think James McAvoy has a future in the DC Universe.

I believe the easiest way to cast any Batman or Joker is simple: find an actor that can play either and you have a winner.

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