Jamaican super hero?

I a comic fan but I’m so tired of can’t be identified or relate a super hero.A mean can their be a Caribbean super hero please …damn!!!

Doctor Voodoo (formerly Brother) from Marvel was the only one I could come up with. Not Jamaican, but Haitian. Trying out think of a DC one but drawing a blank.

DC’s premiere Jamaican superhero is Celia Windward, aka Jet. She was a member of the Global Guardians and the New Guardians in the 80s. Jet was one of ten individuals given powers by the Guardians of the Universe, in her case electromagnetism. Eventually, she becomes leader of the Global Guardians.

You can read about her on DCU in Green Lantern (2005-) #10-17.


Knew Hubcityquestion would come through.


Admittedly, it would be nice if we could see her in something more recent than 2006. It’s been a while.

Purluve, what’s your idea for a Jamaican hero?