Jadon has to live in order to die

In order for jason to truly become the red hoid he has to die by the handa if yhe joker. Hia main inspiration for becoming RED HOOD was off his fear muchnlike batman’s fear if bats as a child. Jason’s fear was his death at the hands of the joker. Jason cannot die yet because that wouldnt be as impactful as if he died from the joker and through thenpain batman experiences from not saving jason in time. Plus it would be an anticlimatic death just to fall off a building. Not to mention the official synopsis for the next episode, superboy has been relaeased stating in an act of heroism connor encounters the titans. This encounter could be jason falling to his death and connir saving him. And if this is not the case then epsidoe 7 is titled bruce wayne. If not superboy, batman could possibly save jason. But i know for a fact jason is not dying. He’ll live to die another day. This live or die poll is just a joke by dc to see how the fans vote and truly see how savage u all are like the past fans tha voted him to die like decades ago.


My bad

Agreed. Jason needs to live… For now. He needs a proper death later on to set up for the Red Hood origin