I've Seen Some People Post Comic Pages from DCUI Directly Into the Forums Here; How Do I Do That?

I’m working on a presentation where I’m suggesting actors for James Gunn’s new DCU, and there’s one very specific panel I want to use, to show side by side with a picture of an actor. So… Help?

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Are you trying to put a direct link so that when clicked it goes to that panel, or just insert an actual picture into your post? I do not know how to do the former, but if you want to insert a pic into your post:

  1. Hit the upwards pointing button between the quotation mark and the smiley face. The photo I am showing is on ipad but IIRC it is similar on a PC or android device:

You will then be able to select a photo and upload it to your post.

I typically just take a screenshot of the panel in question when I want to post it and then crop as necessary.

Hope this helps.