It's ZERO HOUR on DC Daily!

DC Daily is going down the Zero Hour: Crisis in Time! road. We love reading issues in reverse order, so join us on our next comic chat by doing the same!

We’d like to know, what are you favorite moments from this series?
We’ll dive into all the issues and looking forward to hearing what stood out to YOU the most!

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So, the rose color glasses of nostalgia got me on this one. I remember this one to be better than it was, but it doesn’t mean it was bad.

The good:
Dan Jurgens art is amazing. I wish we could see more of his art lately.
I do miss seeing a lot of these characters, so it was a nice throwback.
Time travel stories are fun.
The Legion and The Legionnaires are both present.

The bad:
It seems that a lot of the story was told in all of the tie-in issues, so you should look those up too.
The resolution seemed very abrupt and didn’t really show the fall-out.
There was only five issues so, compared to other cross-over series it seemed short.
The aging of the JSA was unnecessary.

DC has always had a problem with “time” and series like this attempted to “fix” continuity problems. But, they only really made them worse.


I’ll respond in depth about the story later on, but I did want to mention (and have in the Comic Issues thread o’er in the Suggestion Box forum) that for the Zero Hour collection under the Storylines header, Zero Hour #4 (the first issue of the series, as it runs from 4 to 0, with #0 being the last issue) is missing. Within that collection, issues 3 and 2 are in the opposite order they should be in.

The full Zero Hour series, in its correct order, is available in the Comics section, but not in its respective Storylines collection.

A polite heads-up. :slightly_smiling_face:


Zero Hour was the first big crossover in comics that I collected. I loved idea that Zero Hour would allow characters from different eras and timelines to interact.

One of my favorites was the issue of Robin where Tim Drake meeting a young Dick Grayson and being impressed and intimidated by his agility and confidence.

While I agree with some others that there ending was messy, nothing says awesome like making a character explode to reset the universe. Damage went from an obscure character to one of my favorites just from that last issue.

The pull-out timeline at the end was also something I just poured over trying to figure out how everything got in.


The return of Batgirl grabbed my attention. Seeing the confusion of Batman and Nightwing was excellent. Another highpoint was seeing Guy Gardner echo Videodrome as a gun was created from his arm. Parallax was a good foil for our heroes. He honestly believed he was doing good which makes for some of the best villains.


Scooped me lol. Return of Barbara Gordon was so my favorite part that I won’t even try to think of a replacement. Nothing compares for me. Great pick.


She is really what kept me reading!


The best parts by far are Barbara Gordon Batgirl and the Legion sacrificing themselves. Guy Gardner was great as always, although his warrior phase was really weird.