It's finally Happening! The Three Jokers gets a Release Date!

Artist Jason Fabok just dropped this on his Twitter:

And here’s a direct link to the Entertainment Weekly interview.

So, June 17th! After…what, four years…we finally have a confirmed release date to Geoff Johns and Jason Fabok’s The Three Jokers story! I’ve been wanting to see this since it was revealed to be in the making, and I’m so excited to see what these guys do with the time they had.


I was just telling my boss about this the other day. Sweet!


Finally!!! We’ve been waiting so long that this almost doesn’t feel real, but I’m so excited that there’s an actual release date at last! Hopefully this long wait will mean they’ll be able to keep their promise of not having any delays in between issues as well


From what Fabok has said on Twitter in the past, it sounds like the reason why it took so long was that he wanted it to be his best work, and he wanted to make sure everything on his end was done, so that we wouldn’t get any big delays. Hopefully that’s the case.

What I wonder is if this is going to be a monthly, or bi-monthly, like many of the Black Label originals that have come out, like Harleen and Superman: Year One.


Considering how much of this series Fabok’s finished already, I’d certainly hope that it’s just monthly. It does really seem like they’d be able to pull that off at this point


I’m stoked!!!


This summer is going to sweet. Wonder Woman movie, great comic and book releases. I’m so excited!


So excited! Read the interview he did and it seems like he really understands the characters, what they’ve gone through, and how that affects them all uniquely. Super happy it’s supposedly going to be more mystery like and not just random senseless action.


That’s what Fabok looks like, eh? He and I should do a recreation of the famous Patty Duke reflection bit if the opportunity comes along.

Anyhow, I’m jazzed Three Jokers has a release date. Thanks for sharing @Jay_Kay! :+1:

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