ISIS: Goddess and Metahuman

I understand she is set to make a comeback in the Black Adam Movie but would love to see a reboot and make her a mainstream character again as per the SHAZAM line.ISIS


Agreed @b.batson. Loved watching Tala Ashe play her on Legends Of Tomorrow and I’d really dig it if she could be enmeshed within the Shazam storyline. Very cool.


Absolutely! There was a short mini-series DC published in the 1970s I believe that I’d love to get added to our library. And with her coming back in Shazam 2, I can see her back in the comics soon. Let’s hope! :hugs:


It just sucks that the media’s love of catchy acronyms ruined a perfectly good character. Most people realize that the character and the Goddess are far older than the jackweeds in question. Unfortunately there are some real winners out there that like to make problems without knowing or caring about things like that. I know of at least 2 little girls with the name that want to change their names now cause of the harassment.


I have to agree. I would love to see her make a comeback. I did enjoy Tala Ashe playing her on DC’s Legends of Tomorrow.