Is Wonder Woman as Strong as Superman?

She more often is depicted being lesser in sheer strength,… but I’d give her a bonus on the combat training and craftiness she is A WARRIOR after all


I believe most versions of Superman are physically stronger than Diana, but in a one on one match up, her sometimes magical origins and warrior training will make her the winner, as She can fight to kill, and he does not.

Superman is not weak to magic. He has no special resistance to magic. So Magic does more damage to him. However the damage caused by that magic can be healed quickly etc.

Superman becoming a drooling idiot due to Kryptonite is a how weakness works. At most he is vulnerable to magic.

Ah, one of those ‘whose stronger’ threads that quickly devolves into feat comparisons. This takes me back. I wonder when people will start pulling out the ‘Superman towed a solar system’ and ‘Wonder Woman hitch hiked with the sun’ feats for the argument