Is Wonder Woman as Strong as Superman?

Most would agree that Wonder Woman is the most powerful (physically speaking) superheroine in the DC Universe. But is she as strong as Superman? I think so. What do you guys think?

I’d say no, but she can definitely beat him in a battle.


Yeah, between her powers and a good strategy, she could take him even though he’s physically stronger and more dangerous.

The magic lasso helps even the playing field. Batman fights Superman with Kryptonite and Wonder Woman fights him with magic. It’s almost like a checks and balances system.


The lasso. Her sword. Her shield. Her bracelets. Her invisible plane. Her countless years of Amazonian battle strategies and fight knowledge.

If Superman ever found himself at odds with Wonder Woman, he’d be in serious trouble.


She is not physically stronger than Superman.

Superman lifted a book of infinite weight. That is something Wonder Woman is not physically capable of doing.

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Typically, she’s not, but it depends on the continuity at the time.

I believe her background would help her in a fight. She grew up in a warrior tribe. He might be stronger but she could outwit him.

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Sorry but no way. WW is certainly a more skilled warrior and under certain circumstances she could be victorious perhaps, Ex: She’s rocking KC golden armor armed with the sword of Athena, forged by Hephaestus along with aid from other magical weapons or power. But She would have to have some powerful magical assistance besides weapons alone. It’s not a “because he’s a man” situation, a female kryptonian or species with similar origins could stand toe to toe with the Big S. In “Sacrifice” in WW #219 she defeats him and cuts his throat with her tiara, but Supes was not himself having been driven mad by Maxwell Lord.
Factoring out additional aid like magic/red sun/Kryptonite, Characters like Darkseid, Mongol, Martian Manhunter, & Gog could defeat him. Even Atlas in Superman #677-680 was able to get the better of Supes with his immense stamina. But on powers alone in a fair fight, even with her sword and armor I believe WW would lose to Supes. She can move nowhere near the speed he can and if he wanted to, he could just rip right through her before she could react.

Stronger as in arm wrestling or weight lifting? No, I’d say Superman is physically stronger. Big Barda may be in this category too.

I think it would depend on the continuity. But in my mind they would be evenly matched.


I think I read that Superman can lift about a billion tons and Wonder Woman about 100 tons. In the old Who’s Who ( )

It reads…
Superman "…can lift the Great Pyramid of Egypt "
Wonder Woman “…superhuman strength”

Unlike Marvel with the Ton ranges…Im saying Superman is way Stronger.

Wonder Woman gave him some lumps in Injustice

Slit his throat before

Most altercations have Supes under some kind of mind control and Wonder Woman breaking him out of it. It also depends on the writer whose power level is higher for the particular encounter.


Wonder Woman be giving Superman that work let’s not act otherwise here.

I think it depends on who’s writing her, but in my head she is. But Superman has a lot more powers than she does. Heat vision, super speed, etc.

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Superman is vulnerable to magic (which she can easily exploit) as well as kryptonite and red sunlight (that she can also exploit).


I know she can hold her own in a toe to toe fight with the Man of Steel, but I’ve always felt that was because he was holding back, slightly. She can fly, but not at the altitude or the range that he can. I doubt she could survive in the vacuum of space. I do not believe she is as bullet resistant as he is, or as immune to biological, chemical or radioactive weapons as he is. Her senses might be heightened but not to his level. She does not have laser eyes or freezing breath and I do not think she can move at his speed. Being the daughter of Zeus, or Heracles, I forget which now, she is beyond mortal. Close to Superman’s level, but not at it.

She can.

She doesn’t need to be. He doesn’t fire guns, and she moves fast enough to block machine gun fire.

She can bypass his senses with her (magical) Invisible Plane

And she has weapons that he doesn’t, like the industrictle Lasso of Truth or her purple healing ray.

The daughter of Hippolyta, granted her gifts by the gods Demeter, Aphrodite, Athena, Artemis, Hestia, and Hermes

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I am fairly certain DC gave up the “fashioned from clay” origin. Either Hippolyta had a brief tryst with Zeus or she was raped by Heracles.

@nathenleeturner.16315 In the New 52, but they’ve since ret-conned that.

It can vary depending on what’s canon this week, but, overall, I think Superman’s generally stronger, but Wonder Woman is a much better trained warrior. She also has more of a “warrior’s instinct” than Superman; I’ve seen the Trinity described as Superman-Firefighter, Batman-Cop, and Wonder Woman-Soldier before.

On a side note, I really don’t care for the “daughter of Zeus” retcon, so I mostly try to ignore it.