is watchmen good?


The greatest


Thank you!

Comic Book Yes. Movie Not so much

Its widely considered it to be one of the greatest graphic novels ever written.


It’s message doesn’t quite ring as loud today as it did in the 80s but it still holds up quite well. It can be a bit jarring compared to modern comics since it is very dense with text. But it’s considered a classic for a reason and worth reading.

It’s seriously over rated, just like The Dark Knight Returns is.

I get they were ground breaking at the time but they aren’t great comics.

the movie is kinda old but it was pretty awesome for its time. the story/novel is fantastic.

It… Depends. One thing I can say about this title is that it really did challenge readers in a way that few comics had done at the time.

If we are comparing it to contemporary Comics, it is nothing that you have not already read. I would say that it’s worth a read, just keep in mind that based on everything we have seen in modern comics you won’t be getting anything from it that you haven’t gotten somewhere else.

Many people claim that it is one of, if not the best comic ever written. Personally I’ve never seen it as anything other than solidly mediocre.

I think it is great. It is humanistic and insightful. Some people may not like that it is not like a typical comic book comic. You probably will still be thinking it over for a bit after you read it. It is like literature, lots of character development and like real life, things don’t always turn out like you may want them to. But that’s life.

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