Is there a way to read the digital comics at a higher quality?

I’m so very happy that the DC Universe service is getting the full digital comics library. In fact, I just went out and bought a 12.3" tablet that matches the size of a physical comic book exactly.

When I went on Comixology to check out a few of my comics, I was absolutely blown away by how good they look on my new tablet. I excitedly went onto DC Universe to read some stuff, and was stricken with some EXTREMELY low resolution comics.

I don’t know if the app is not noticing that I’m on a tablet instead of a phone or what, but is there a way to change the quality of what I’m reading? Like a low quality and high quality option?

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Are you downloading the comics or just reading them over Wifi?

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That’s strange, I don’t have that problem. I’m guessing it might be because your wifi is slow?

There is an option between SD and HD on the comic viewer, right next to the button to cycle between pages.


@Jay_Kay, YES! That was it! Thanks so much.

Skip ones written by Geoff Johns, please don’t ban me

I was about to say, the comics scale beautifully on my 43" 4K TV, so you shouldn’t have an issue with image quality. Glad you got it figured out.

Out of curiosity which tablet did you buy?

Personally I’m reading on an iPad Pro 12.9 and the image quality is breathtaking.

I am reading DC Universe comics on my 4K 43" Roku TV. At first, this was not ideal, but now it works just fine. I notice some of the text can look like it was enlarged too much sometimes, but overall, very good quality otherwise.


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Out of curiosity which tablet did you buy?

I bought the HP Chromebook X2. Did a lot of research and it ended up being the best for my needs.

I’ve only really read comics on my Fire 8 that I got about a year and a half ago and I’ve only noticed one problem. I was checking out World of Krypton #1 and page two which is a horizontal page had to be zoomed in to read and it had the over enlarged look but was still readable. Outside of comic taking there sweet time to load I’ve had no other problems or quality issues.