Is there a way to clear comics off your history?

I like reading all the comics, I just hate when I finish them they still appear on the “Dive Back In” section when I finished them. Is there a way to remove them off it?

I don’t believe there is any features to remove them but I sure wouldn’t mind that as a feature

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I was wondering about that too. Just to make the menu look less clutered.

Yes there is. If you go to my dc. And then click comics, scroll down a little. Under the comics there are three dots on right side. There will be three options. Last one is delete comic.

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I stand corrected. It was gone for a little bit, but when I logged back in it was back. Guess there is not a way to clear it. Agreed should be a feature.


The Dive Back In section is more like a “Watch Again” section on Netflix than a “Continue Watching”. The Continue Watching/Reading sections are in your “MY DC”.

I’ve picked quite a few for my favorites and they don’t reflect. Is there a my favorites tab somewhere?

If you go to your “MY DC”. Your favorites and other lists you make are under “Lists”.