Is there a thing preventing you from truly enjoying something?

Like a DC comic, film, game, show or whatever that you enjoy but something bothers you enough that you can’t truly love. Like an example for me being…

Arrow - Felicity and Laurel ruin everything for me and Oliver not having his comic book personality

Flash - Iris can be annoying and I wish Team Flash disbanded or only restricted to Vibe and Wells . Iris should be an investigative reporter and Joe be deep in police work with both only going to the lab at times. Ralph and Caitlyn should be doing they’re own thing and only guest appear a couple of times per season. Joe’s wife shouldn’t have known Barry’s and everyone else’s secrets.

Gotham - Awesome show but all the characters appearing and their storyarcs before Bruce even grows up and becomes Batman really irks me. Same issue I had with Smallville


Best example I can give is Supergirl. I don’t hate the show by any means, but sometimes I find it’s agendas blatantly obvious to the point where it beats you over the head with them. A show can have it’s message, but Supergirl pushes it too hard sometimes. That and the fact that Alex is made a lebsian seemingly at random in Season 2, despite not showing an hint to such a thing in the first season is incredibly Jarring for me. It’s obvious that she was never intended to a lesbian while she was on CBS, her change in sexuality is a result of Greg Berlanti’s writing and intention to make sure every show under his control is as diverse as can be. Again, these aren’t terrible things, and they don’t make the show bad, it’s just something that makes it hard for me to like Supergirl like the other Arrowverse shows.



@Truth - Agreed. That’s the show I’d like to watch more because of some characters I like, ie Martian Manhunter, but the agenda pushing has pushed me away.

Batman Beyond. I like the show but the the Bruce and Barbara and her marrying Sam Young kill it for me

A great supporting cast is good for a show, but when the supporting casts’ issues aren’t somehow directly connected to the main character or the central plot of the show, it slows the show down and makes it less enjoyable. IMO.

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Lois & Clark did a good job of managing supporting characters. We got to know the supporting characters and their struggles, but it was always well-connected to the central plot.

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Completely agree on Arrow aka Batman lite


Gotham has always had a problem figuring out what it wants to be. It’s like the show has no plan and the creators are just throwing stuff at the wall to see what sticks.