Is the content worth it?

I don’t have a subscription to DC Universe yet but why I want one is for the comics and the movies (animated and live-action) as well as any series I haven’t seen (old and new). I noticed that a lot of content is missing from the library, like, Smallville, the Batman movies, the CW shows, Gotham and any others I missed. Is the selection of comics and other content large enough to justify spending $75 a year? also, are they eventually gonna have every DC comic on here or are they gonna pick and choose?

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They are going to have around 3,000 rotating them and as far as has been reported there are no plans for the complete library. As for TV shows and movies… most of the TV shows not currently airing or licensed out like Smallville are on here, so I think for better or worse this is the best they could have gotten with the TV shows. The movies are lacking, I am sure it is mostly licensing issues but while they have most of the animated movies… not all… they do have a limited amount of live action movies that seems to be rotating.

My opinion… this service is worth the 8 bucks a month. The comics are a good selection and they have enough TV and movies to keep me entertained and Titans has been a real good series. But anyone who comes in expecting in the DC Tv, movie and comic book catalog to be here in one place, this is not that.

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I would say it is not worth the money. Besides titans you can find almost any of the other shows or movies on different services and the way they are structuring the comic library on here is a joke to anyone actually trying to read full runs or events. Their curated library could have been done super well but they dropped the ball big time. For comics this is essentially the same as a paid trial because you can only read a few issues of anything before you are forced to go read/buy them elsewhere.


Depends on what your looking for. If your interested in new shows like Titans and the other future planned releases then it’s worth it in my opinion. If your primarily looking for a great comic service similar to marvel unlimited then you may want to wait and see if it improves because currently the comics service needs a lot of enhancements (short rotations, need more larger complete runs, imho they have dropped the ball with comics so far)


It is to me. Plus I ain’t rich but $8 a month is pocket change


If it has up to $75 worth of titles you would want to buy, then it’s totally worth it.

For example, you can spend $80 on Batman the Animated Series,
$12 on each DVD/Blu Ray of one of the animated movies, $4 per issue on any comic - Or, spend $75 and have access to a lot of the older series, new programming, and about 3000 rotating comics.

It’s all about what you’re looking for. For me, its worth it. I’ve already consumed hundreds of dollars worth of titles (comics, movies, and tv series) for only $75.


Having the best animated tv shows and movies ever, the most iconic superhero movies. Some of the most influential comics. Yeah I think it’s worth it.

Nope. Not so far. Not nearly enough comics, I already own most of the animated shows / moves, and Titans…meh.


Since every person is different and seems to want different things out of this service I would really recommend that you do the free trial and see for yourself if it’s worth the money. I think it is worth it for the original content alone but you might feel differently about it and the only way to know for sure is to take a look at it yourself and the decide. That’s just my opinion.


Not worth it in my opinion. The content is horribly thin for what you get and what little there is is rotated much too quickly for many.

Unless major changes happen, I will not renew (I’m stuck with a non-refundable annual membership). I can get much better entertainment for my money. With other services coming in the near future from competitors, that is likely where I will spend my $$$.

That said, the current 2500 comic library may grow and rotation may change, but nothing has been said officially. You might want to wait and see what happens over the next few months.

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Let me add two more points:

  1. Streaming is not available on many platforms so make sure your platform will work.

  2. Be sure about what you decide. That $75 annual deal is not refundable if you change your mind or if you find it does not work wirh your equipment.

I would say it is worth it for what it has right now, but they’d get definitely need to add more comics.

I enjoy it I bought the yearly subscription and I am not disappointed knowing that it’s just getting started
The content is good it could be better but there is a lot of stuff to enjoy
It’s like getting into anything that’s brand new there will be growing pains but it is already a fun service

I wouldn’t get a year membership. Go monthly. I have so far enjoyed my time with the service, but content is rotated pretty fast. And I say rotated lightly (especially in the movies and tv side) because it seems things tend to be rotated out without something to replace it.

If it stays like this,I’ll probably cancel within a few months. I won’t be dissatisfied with what I got but I see no reason to stay longer than a half a year or so.

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I do think that as far as the annual membership, which I didn’t do, I would recommend joining monthly and then if you like it after that maybe paying the annual fee. This service is not for everyone so would not recommend agreeing to pay 75 blindly.

The video library is fine but burns out quick. The comic library right now is a joke. I have an annual subscription, but I’m hoping against hope that eventually they get their act together before this network goes the way of FilmStruck and ends up another dead in the water project for WB. (RIP FilmStruck)


The Batman movies were just there but they are rotating bc they don’t hav full rights

Is 25 gallons of gas worth $75 a year? Is taking a family of four once a year to a movie worth $75? Is buying a few days of food at the grocery store worth $75? Is buying a video game and a couple magazines worth $75?

$75 is nothing, if you like dc it’s a meaningless amount of money that if not spent here will be gone instantly


Yes. The comics alone, is worth the price of admission, they rotate so if you don’t want to miss out. The shows are getting there meaning people were critical of Titans based off the trailer. The feedback has been good and Young Justice will be amazing when it drops. Doom Patrol looks promising especially since everyone is amped from Titans episode 4. With that being said Doom Patrol ia wrapping up. Swamp Thing has probably started filming or will be soon. Titans should be filming season 2 soon so it’s gonna be a nice ride.

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Comics - Could be handled much better but it’s not completly terrible either and there’s been some good collections.

Movies and TV Shows - I don’t have any dvds anymore and only buy or rent digitally. So having these options is awesome.

Original Shows - Am enjoying Titans and am excited for Young Justice, Swamp Thing and Doom Patrol.

App Original Content - DC Daily is decent, Encylopedia is slowly growing but already pretty nice to check out, Specials section is cool and has potential for many possible documentaries. Am loving the community for the most part.

App Platforms - Usually works perfectly on Roku and especially my android devices.

$8 a month is nothing to me and it feels free.