Is the Arrowverse good anymore?

I know the Crisis on Infinite Earth crossover was just announced at SDCC 2019 and it seems pretty cool. However I dropped Arrow after season 4, Flash after season 2, couldn’t stomach Supergirl after the first 15 mins of the S1E1, and didn’t even bother with LoT.

My question is, IF I can plow through it, do the show get better?

Brutally honest opinions please!!!

I still enjoy them to varying degrees, but I would recommend LoT. Season 1 is okay, but it really finds its legs in season 2. It’s consistently funny, good action and now has Constantine

Nobody seems to bother with LoT despite the fact that it’s secretly the best. The first season is bad, but all the other season are pretty fantastic.

The Arrowverse shows are kind of crappy. I don’t mean that I don’t enjoy watching them. I do. But the writing is… subpar usually. I think it’s best when they don’t take themselves seriously. That’s what makes LoT so good. (after the first season). It embraces how ridiculous it is. It’s still kind of crappy, but it laughs at itself with you.

I think the sum of the Arrowverse is greater than the parts. The shows may not be great, but the interconnected universe they’ve managed to build is. And for that I still enjoy it.

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I’m with Squid on the overall verse

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