Is Starfire bulletproof???

So does anyone know factually if Starfire is bulletproof?? I’m not even referencing her specifically in Titans…just in general. It did seem though that in ep. 1 of Titans, she was getting shot at but I couldn’t tell if the bullts were hitting her. I also know she got shot at but a personal field of her energy melted it.

Speaking of Titans…does anyone else have any audio problems when watching the show?? I have to have my TV at full volume when playing it. It’s a smart ulhd roku tv


No dip, duh!

Yes but only to an extent. She can’t maintain invulnerability forever to bullets but she can take the majority.

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If she’s bulletproof, why did she get kidnapped by HER OWN SISTER?!

She was kidnapped by komand’r & an entire warrior culture (the Citadel), which komand’r had sided with b/c she was upset that koriand’r was named next to rule. Due to a childhood illness blackfire was deemed unworthy to rule. Starfires father turned her over to her sister blackfire (komand’r), to avoid having the Citadel wipe out their entire planet. She was taken as a slave along with komand’r & eventually both were subjected to torture by the psions. The torture led to them both receiving new powers & strengthened the ones they had. Starfire escaped & freed Blackfire who tried to kill Starfire even after that. Starfire escaped to Earth, but it wasn’t as simple as her sister kidnapping her. She wasn’t bulletproof until after she was kidnapped, & she’s loyal to a fault to her sister & her brother. So she probably wouldn’t have fought her even if she was bulletproof when it happened.