Is Nora West-allen actually evil?the flash⚡👌[SPOILERS]

(SPOILERS BEWARE) we all know Nora Allen is working with reverse flash( in Dr Wells body) (2049)he seems to be locked up, and she has a secret time language to communicate with RF without anyone knowing…but is she actually goin to try and hurt team flash even though the only reason she is with RF is to see her dad…

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could be, I don’t think she’s evil, but for sure Nora isn’t telling the whole truth

she claimed to invent the time language, yet we see it in the Book of Destiny …

Nora may have discovered a way to prevent Barry’s disappearance … but only with help from the person who made it happen, Reverse Flash

I think it’s all a matter of losing Barry to the speed force in the future. I think she’d do anything to change that & X’S knows what she did or attempted to do. Because X’S hints how they were never close, so something must’ve damaged their relationship. That’s just my theory, or a testable hunch.

I hope not, her character has really grown on me and I think she’s been a fun addition these past couple seasons. I hope it’s more of a case of she doesn’t realize how bad Thawne actually is and that of course he’s just manipulating her for his own twisted ends.