Is Eclipso Also Pennywise?!

After watching four episodes of Stargirl, and seeing what kind of villian is Eclipso is, a evil villian who feed off of people’s fear.
He is now reminding me of another famous horror villian, Pennywise who also feed off children’s fear.
Was Eclipso was around before Pennywise? Both seem to be almost the same. I’m starting to think Eclipso is Pennywise, wouldn’t want to meet him!
If Shade wasn’t bad enough, good luck to Stargirl and the JSA team for the rest of the season!
:stargirl: :balloon:

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No, Pennywise sees Eclipso in his nightmares.


I’m looking forward to how the show displays his power, but from what I researched Eclipso is to Spectre as Black Adam is to Captain Marvel/Shazam.