Is Dick replacing Jason?

First of all I absolutely love TITANS. I love that I can actually believe the world their in. Like the costumes match the environment, if that makes sense?

But twice now we’ve seen Dick become ruthless and brutal when taking on thugs. I know he kept saying he changed and that’s why he left. But I’m starting to wonder if they are writing him to become more like Jason? Because the preview where he actually meets Jason. Jason appears to be care free and free spirited.

If not, then I can not wait to see how Jason tops the brutality.

All in all, loving the show. Especially the fight choreography. It drove me nuts when Arrow after season 2 stopped looking realistic. He basically just twirled his bow back and forth and he fell down.

Jason only became aggressive and brutal later on as Robin and especially as Red Hood. He started out as a enthusiastic care free kid

Dick’s harsh ways is just part his story arc right now. Jason will likely get just as bad as Robin later and especially much worse if he becomes Red Hood

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When Jason is Red Hood I’m sure he will kill brutally, which Dick isn’t doing. As Robin Jason was a bit too excessively violent, breaking bones he didn’t need to break etc… but nothing super crazy.