Is DCU Mad For Swamp Thing?

Is DCU mad for Swamp Thing? If you don’t DC Universe released “Mad for Swamp Thing” (Wed, Oct 30) and this is just a few days after DCU released “Swamp Thing Absolute Binge-Watch Edition.” Anyways is DC Universe trying to bring back Swamp Thing cancellation? What does everyone think?


Swamp Thing as a series is one of the best shows I have watched in a long time please bring it back


I hope so.


Dc has to bring season 2! With all the loose ends and the new villain, aka Kevin Durant as evil swamp thing! How can they cancel this amazing series like this, leaving fans hanging, hungry for more!


@lchristine283.84375 welcome to the community . It’s not DC’s call to bring swamp thing back. WB canceled the show because it was to expensive to produce and no other service wanted the show.

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I blame Jennifer Beals! She was probably asking for too much money!!!

Just kidding. I love her on that show. I’m sure she is awesome.

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The drama in this show is absolutely superb! I think its a fresh flavor of TV as compared to the other shows though i like them too. I’m really blown away at the quality!! Like damn they hit this one out of the f***ing park

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Totally agree

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I agree well I thought Doom Patrol was the best series they’ve produced for Live Action this has been the best series they produce so far and I’m really sad they cancel it. I hope they somehow bring it back in some form even if they eventually have to bring it back as part of some group superhero show.

I’m glad they did the series. It certainly proved that to do Swamp Thing justice, it needs to be done with practical effects. However, it’s just to expensive a show for to limited an audience.

I don’t want to see DC/WB do a show that is going to lose $50 million+. It’s just bad for business and takes away money to do other projects.

If they want to do Swamp Thing again, do it animated. He worked in the JL:Dark movie at considerably less cost. That is a medium he can likely be profitable in.

They tried and it failed. Learn from the mistakes and move on.

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Amazing show. I’m late and sorry to hear it’s canceled. He, after seeing the show, has become one of my favorite heroes. If u redacted the cancellation I will definitely be trying to get more people on this service.

I subscribed to DC universe just for this series and it was absolutely amazing! I am really disappointed they could not continue and it would be amazing if another streaming service were able to pick it up. I am not a comic book fan and I believe they could have garnered more support from those who love horror and monsters to their service.

I thought the Swamp Thing series was excellent and I am very sad that there won’t be a Season 2. I am sorry the economics of the series did not work out.


@Glsaber1975 welcome to the community. It was execellent. Hopefully they will use that money to bring us some more originals.

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