Is Dc Legends of tomorrow really worth watching?

I watched season 1 and a bit of season 2 when it first came out, but it was getting out of hand and really silly. I was just wondering if its worth sticking with it all 4 seasons?

No, it gets way worse after season 2


@brightknight yea that’s what i figured, i just wanted to be caught up with all the shows for the crisis crossover, and the only show im not caught up on is legends.

LoT Isabel absurdist show because it’s an absurd principle and has been since the beginning.

I think it’s the best CWVERSE show of them all because they are not afraid to “take the piss” out of the superhero genre and superheroes as well.

If all your heroes need to be dark and brooding, give it a miss. If not, it’s quite binge worthy.


You said you didn’t like the silliness so far from season 1 and part of 2. The show gets even sillier and more bizarre with each additional season, with season 4 being the goofiest one so far.

I would recommend finishing up the rest of season 2, since the Legion of Doom story arc was the best one in the show.

For the next 2 seasons, here are a few must watch episodes to get an overall idea of what is happening with the characters.

For season 3 watch:

  • Episode 1 “Aruba-Con”: sets up the conflict for the season
  • Episode 3 “Zari”: introduces a new member of the Legends crew
  • Episode 5 “Return of the Mack”: shows how a certain character comes back into play
  • Episode 8 “Crisis on Earth-X, Part 4”: the crossover episode
  • Episode 9 “Beebo the God of War”: light hearted but provides closure for what happened in the previous episode
  • Episode 10 “Daddy Darhkest”: Constantine’s first adventure with the team and re-introduces another character
  • Episode 17 “Guest Starring John Noble” and…
  • Episode 18 “The Good, the Bad and the Cuddly”: Concludes season 3 story and the character arcs of a couple of characters

Season 4:

  • Episode 1 “The Virgin Gary”: sets up season 4 conflict
  • Episode 3 “Dancing Queen”: introduces a new crew member with an old face
  • Episode 7 “Hell No, Dolly!”: Constantine breaks time and origin of future crew member Mona’s Wolfie power
  • Episode 10 “The Getaway”: Mona joins the team and Nate spends time with his dad
  • Episode 12 “The Eggplant, the Witch & the Wardrobe”: More development with the Neron plot as well as Sara and Ava’s relationship
  • Episode 15 “Terms of Service” and…
  • Episode 16 “Hey, World!”: Wraps up season 4 and sets up season 5

The first season is really bad in my opinion because it takes itself too seriously, but after that it gets really funny and crazy. Honestly I think it’s been the best CW DC show for the past few years.


I like seasons 1 and 2 the best. I tapped out during 3 and saw one, maybe two episodes of the recent season.

It’s a pretty colorful series, so if you’re looking for something easy on the eyes LOT might be the timeship for you.

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It goes without saying, but any DC TV show where Firestorm yells “Go kick his ass Beebo!” is worth watching at least a few episodes from.


I like it. While it took itself seriously in s1, prob’ly trying to emulate Arrow and Flash as it spun off from them, i got more fun when it started not to.


The recent season wasn’t my favorite, but I really enjoyed the first three seasons. The second season is still my favorite because of the Legion of Doom.

I would recommend watching the first three seasons at least due to the Crisis crossover coming up. You get to see the Legends interact with Supergirl’s Alex & Kara, Team Flash, and Team Arrow with “Invasion” and “Crisis on Earth-X” crossovers. Plus the “Crisis on Earth-X” crossover is very pivotal for the Legends series. I wouldn’t be surprised if we see a character or two connected to that crossover in the upcoming Crisis crossover.

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I enjoy it from time to time but I cringe a lot when I watch it. I honestly only watch it for the beautiful chemistry the main cast has. The supporting characters are usually awful, though, and sometimes the suspension of disbelief just isn’t enough to get over just how badly written and poorly researched the show is (how they portrayed the Icelandic colonists of Wineland (America) in “Beebo the God of War” was just so historically inaccurate, cheesy and goofy that as an Icelander and a fan of history, that whole episode was painful to watch). I do like the shows portrayal of Damien Darhk a lot more than Arrow’s portrayal, though, and I really liked what they did with Nora Darhk. I feel Constantine is completely out of place there and he deserves his own DCU Original show (hopefully one that picks up where Swamp Thing left off).

I think it’s worth watching, especially the 2nd season. The 2nd season was the best because of the Legion of Doom. Of course, the 3rd season was just as memorable because of Beebo!

IMO the first two seasons definitely are, the third one maybe, and the fourth one made me want to quit the series.

Seasons 2 and 3 were when the show was at it’s best for me. I love the humor, but I do think they went a bit overboard with it last season. Seasons 2 and 3 balanced the humor and serious stuff really well and it still felt like a superhero show which it didn’t as much last season.

it’s kind of what happens when it isn’t dark and gritty.

I think it’s worth it.

It’s currently my favorite of the Arrowverse shows. Yes, it’s more light-hearted, and sometimes drifts into silly territory, but the stakes are just as harrowing at times. It makes me laugh because of good, earned character moments as well as wacky situations.

I continually compare it to the Justice League International run. Ray and Nate evoke the original Booster Gold/Blue Beetle bromance, and I just love it.

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I’m another Legends fan who thinks it’s absolutely worth watching. If your issue is that season 1 and 2 feel uneven, stick with it. But if you think season 2 is too silly, don’t bother sticking around because by season 3 it’s wonderfully absurd. LoT is the goofy kid brother of the Arrowverse, and a place for misfit characters from the other shows to land. If that sounds like a fun 45 minutes to you, watch. If not it probably just isn’t for you, which is cool too.


Season 1 had a great premise, after that it goes downhill. Season 2 had some redeeming qualities. After reading more about the continuing seasons, I couldn’t bring myself to endure any more of it.

I’m a fan of it an think it’s worth watching. To me S1 was the worst. It took itself to seriously instead of embracing the fun of the show. Also the Savage was not my favorite at all. Did have it’s great moments. S2 was good with the LoD. Definitely the best villains of the series so far. S3 is we’re I felt they had the best balance of the serious action and the fun and weirdness. It just had a lack luster villain. S4 they went to hard on the weird and fun. It was enjoyable but over stuffed an kind of lost the post of time travel. S5 seems like there going to more time travel and have a better villain. It no LoD but I think the build it up more and also balance out more on the fun and wired.

I feel it would be at it best with villains like the LoD and the balance they had in S3. Definitely a good show though and enjoyable with its lighter tone from the other arrowverse shows.

For Crisis even if you don’t want to watch it maybe just watch a quick recap or something on YouTube so your not utterly lost when they show up.