iOS (iPad pro) App home page Read Now/Popular Series panels - poor button and text alignment

This is so minor and I absolutely love the app, but (at least on iOS iPad pro version) the Home page where you can swipe between a few “read now” popular series/books, the book name, book info and the READ button are all out of alignment. They’re all stacked on top of each other. Just uglies up the home page a bit, otherwise no big deal.

Keep up the great work and please add more classic Vertigo: i.e. sandman, black orchid, animal man, shade the changing man, etc :wink:


Hi @romanAK47! We’re glad to hear you’re loving the app. If you contact our support team here they’ll be able to look into this for you (if you can send them screenshots of the issue that would be extra helpful). And thanks for the comic requests, I’ll pass them along!


Will do. Thanks, Hal.

PS wtf were you thinking with Parallax? At least you’re all better now.

PPS seriously, thank you

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