Introduction to the Green Lantern Franchise! (For new readers)


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cool video. Didn’t know about Lights Out, got some reading to catch up on lol

If I was going to start Blackest Night, would I need to read any other important titles to help with context? Really interested now

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@deku, Nnnnnno? However I do think Secret Origin, Rebirth, Sinestro Corps War, Rage of the Red Lanterns, and Agent Orange (in that order) would be beneficial. Just to learn about the greater Geoff Johns Green Lantern lore and characters that will pay off greatly in Blackest Night.

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Johns’ run has hints leading to Blackest Night pretty much from the beginning. I recommend reading all of it. If you’re already familiar with the concept of Green Lantern and the various Lantern Corps, you could probably just jump right in with the main Blackest Night books. That’s actually how I did it, haha. Then, I went and read the whole run as well as the tie-ins.

This link has an issue by issue reading order for the event itself, although all the tie-ins aren’t necessary to understand the main story.


thank you thank you!! Definitely need to brush up on my “everything green lantern” lore. @Matt you were referencing Green Lantern: Rebirth? right??

and are you talking about the same ones that Matt mentioned above c02goddes? if not, would love to hear about other tie ins. I really don’t read a lot of Green lantern in general. thanks for the link too!