Introducing DC Collectible Comics!

The next step in DC Comics’ digital expansion is here: DC Collectible Comics!

Starting on October 27, new weekly drops will feature variant covers and gradings that physical comic book collectors have enjoyed over the years, now on a digital platform.

DC Collectible Comics will be released from two categories, Legacy and Modern. Legacy comics include releases of classic comic issues that may have been out of print for years while Modern comics will highlight a selection of recent releases from DC’s extensive line-up of comics.

One of the most highly prized comic books in all of collecting is Superman #1 by Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster. DC Collectible Comics’ first drop will give fans the opportunity to digitally collect one of the most sought after comics and will be limited to 3,000 minted editions.

Each DC Collectible Comic will be randomly assigned one of five levels of rarity at the time of purchase: Common, Uncommon, Rare, Epic or Legendary. If purchasing from the Legacy collection, the rarity levels correlate to the digital wear that will appear on the comic book. A Common graded book may look faded and aged while the Legendary comic features a more pristine look. DC Collectible Comics from the Modern collection will feature different variant covers for each level of rarity.

Batman: The Legacy Cowl #1, one of the newest DC comics created with the help of the DC Bat Cowl community, will be released today exclusively to Bat Cowl NFT holders. Batman: The Legacy Cowl #1 is the STORY OF THE COWLS! Over the years, Batman has designed various ‘specialist’ cowls (and other Bat-kit) for specific tasks. He keeps them all secure in the Batcave but one went missing. For the last several months, Bat Cowl holders helped shape the hows, whats, and whys of the comic through a series of votes, to help shape the story of Batman’s newest mystery!

Each of the DC Collectible Comics are full comics that can be read on once they are in a fan’s collection. Upcoming DC3 releases include Black Adam #1 by Christopher Priest & Rafa Sandoval, among others. Pricing, quantity and rarity for each DC3 drop may vary.

Got questions about DC3 or the Bat Cowl Collection? Head over to Palm’s FAQ for all the details!



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I have always been super respectful in community posts. Don’t really see the point in getting upset or being mean or anything like that. Usually just come here occasionally to get support, and the community has been super helpful and nice in return.

Just wanted to get that out there real quick, because this NFT ■■■■ can ■■■■ right off. It’s a grift, it’s environmentally horrible, and it’s just about the stupidest ■■■■■■■ bandwagon companies have jumped on that I’ve ever seen. ■■■■ DC for getting into it, and I hope no one is dumb enough to buy these for more than they’re worth (i.e. nothing).


After reading @Mononon post I’m a little hesitant to say, but…

When DETECTIVE COMICS #27 becomes available (assuming it will), I’m going to try and snag one. :laughing:

I mean, (and even though I don’t want it) but this first one, SUPERMAN #1, is $9.99, so no big deal.

If these were like $50 bucks or something, then yeah, I would easily pass.

But for $10 bucks… eh, no big deal.

And yeah, NFT’s are what they are, but I would like an NFT of DETECTIVE COMICS #27.

And maybe like an NFT of GREEN LANTERN #87 or something, John Stewart’s first appearance.

Or better yet, an NFT of SUPERMAN VS. MUHAMMAD ALI!!

I had the original when I was a kid (it’s the first comic that I remember owning), and I have the latest edition of the hardcover (and it’s the only physical comic that I own), and I’d love to have an NFT of it too.

And that I would maybe pay $50 bucks for (and the Muhammad Ali estate may cause it to cost that much) – but I probably shouldn’t say that, because I don’t want to pay that much for it. :smiling_face:

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Meh, if they are happy with their purchase thats all the matters. Its the microtransations of comics

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I’m thinking about the whole Batman comic angle and I think it would make more sense if they had it be about Booster Gold getting into NFTs

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Considering how awful microtransactions are for video games, that’s hardly a good comparison


Look, the pros and cons of NFTs aside…how the hell do you grade rarity on an image file? It just seems so…random and pointless.


Please tell us that this “digital wear” could be a coffee stain or a folded corner of a page, some random doodles or a hand-written comment.

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NFT Collectible Comics:


I don’t see a difference. The digital file on the left is limited edition of 3,000 and the one on the right can be reproduced in the millions.

Seriously? :man_facepalming:


Agreed with a comment posted earlier. They are a grift, and most of them are bad for the environment. I would hope that DC and it’s parent company would only create environmentally friendly ones, but considering they haven’t used that wording in their selling point, gives me more reason not to invest.

Anyway, I’m selling digital access to this picture of the Brooklyn Bridge. There’s a limited amount of access. Do I have any buyers?


I’m sure there will be some people who have the wits to do that.


The way the company that does the NFTs handled the sale was very poor. I dabble a bit in NFTs and I only tried for it because it was Superman but overall, a very poor experience.

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