Injustice year zero issue 8, is the best Ivyquin book written, however what do you guys think (read the book first)

I just read the book today and frankly its flat out the single best Ivyquin book that has been written so far. starting with a reference to HQ: breaking glass GN, Harley dressed in a purple trenchcoat ala Birds of prey (2020 movie) with a coat full of pink roses to bust ivy out of Arkham, Ivy meeting Harleys daughter Lucy then marching out to the joker Ivy wrapping him up in vines and threatening to slowly kill him should he ever hurt Harley as bad as he did. we also finally get to see the Ivy quin marriage mentioned in the Injustice 2 comic complete with Lucy and Harley’s sister in attendance.

In my opinion this makes it the best Ivyquin book on the market.