Injustice The Animated Series.

Title says it all. With the continued success of DC Universe original content, isn’t it obvious that Injustice needs an animated series to match, nay exceed even the likes of BTAS, Justice League, JLU, or Young Justice/Outsiders. With material enough to span many many epic seasons, Injustice as an animated series is a gold mine just waiting to be mined, and in this subscribers opinion, something they can’t in good conscious not consider doing.

To be or not to be?

Let me know in the comments below


Injustice the comic/video game? If so, I would rather just leave it to the video games/comics.


It’s a great idea, mabey a mini series to hype up the next game or something .


While I respect your desire for such a series and your fondness of the source material (I play the mobile game and have enjoyed all the comics as well)…I think the last thing Superman needs in mainstream media is an evil portrayal. I could be wrong…just my 10 cents.

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I would love to watch the show.

I do agree with you @moro. Non dc fans may take it to another level.


:open_mouth: YES
I didn’t know I wanted this, but now I need it. And I need it bad.

go 4 it

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I would watch it

After binge reading the Injustice - Year One books, I’m certainly a yes man for this idea. Want to distance DC from what Marvel’s doing? Make a TV series either live action or animated about Superman being the bad guy. This game showed how great he can be used as a villain.