Injustice Discussion

Hey, guys! With the tenth anniversary having just passed us by (wow), and the absolutely thrilling Adventures of Superman: Jon Kent announcement (I genuinely think this is the most excited I’ve ever been for something in a mainstream comic continuity), I decided it was time to discuss everything I love, and everything I’m uncertain about, in the franchise. I guess I have a few key points I want to address and/or ask.

  1. The theme of why superheroes don’t “do more” is a theme in almost everything written by Tom Taylor, and in Injustice, he and other writers explore the dark side of that idea. In some ways, the Injustice Clark has more in common with Jon Kent than he does with his own Prime Earth counterpart, and one of my favorite moments in Injustice is towards the end of Taylor’s original run, in which Clark imagines what would’ve happened if the Joker’s plan failed, and we see what’s effectively a super-compressed version of Superman: Son of Kal-El, even including a version of the scene in issue #3 where Lara and Clark look upon Earth from space and she asks why he doesn’t do more.
  2. Do you think if Batman had joined what eventually became the Regime at the very start, he would’ve been able to stop them from becoming the authoritarian force they did? Y’know, kept the spirit of the thing alive?
  3. What about Wonder Woman? I don’t have any trouble believing Clark’s convincingly slow descent into despotism, but not only do I have a hard time believing Diana would ever go along with this kind of tyranny, but she straight-up seems to enjoy it, egging Clark on to become a tyrant without any sort of clear event that shows when she broke bad. I don’t think the Injustice Universe is even really just an “Earth with an evil Superman” so much as an Earth with an evil Wonder Woman, which combined with a bunch of other unfortunate circumstances, creating a damaged and eventually like 95% evil Superman.

What does everyone else think?

  1. No

yeah clark consitently shows remorse albeit he will not face diana does not, i don’t think bruce could have kept clark from going all dictator i think it might have been a slower descent, but there were multiple factions egging superman onto to be more dictatory. as for why diana is so much less remorseful isn’t it tied to steve trevor being a villain in this universe which begs the question maybe the whole mess didn’t start with joker but with trevor?