Injustice comics!!

Why the hell is there only 3 books of Injustice? The real Injustice is they only put 3 single issues of this book!! WHY!! Makes no sense.


Its not up bc its a massive mover in the trade paperback space currently. They are barely up to curating Year 3 in the complete collections.

More and more of DCs current output is written to go: initial singles -> 5 issue partial trades -> complete trades

Its the reason that most of the GL, JL and other major arcs aren’t up right now. WB/DC is too afraid of cannibalizing its trade market.

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With this service, the business proposition is that you pay for access to a bunch of old tv shows and movies, one episode of a new TV show per week, and a curated refreshing list of comics (i.e. Identity Crisis, Teen Titans, Death of Superman or whatever is the flavor of the week). All the other comics are there as ads to peek your interest enough to buy it. Injustice only has three issues because it’s intended as an ad for the Injustice line.