Injustice 3 - Alternate Skins or Gear System?

Injustice: Gods Among Us had traditional alternate skins/costumes

Injustice 2 had customizable gear

If/when Injustice 3 comes out, what style do you want?

The first game had awesome alternate skins like Flashpoint, New 52 and Man of Steel. The gear system is a cool concept but I was disappointed that we can’t edit every single item with our own choice of colors and a lot of the gear aren’t that great. There are some cool skins too though like Jay Garrick and Reverse Flash for Barry, John Stewart for Hal and Freeze for Captain Cold although some need crystals to unlock.

I would prefer traditional alternate costumes but if we could customize gear like I want and have classic comic suits as gear items then I’d be cool with that

Yeah I know my post was too big but so any thoughts?

I really enjoyed the gear system a lot, so I wouldn’t mind it it came back with even more options and more skins/premier character skins. I think Injustice 2 struck a great balance, but we’ll see if it comes back.

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