Initially Excited for DC Universe but not excited now.

This service would be better named Teen Titans fan page. Probably will not renew.


Well Titans is dc premiere of original content in this streaming service so oh course people are trending and DC is pulling out Titans related comics to promote the series. Duh. Geez ungrateful ass and it’s always so impatient and whine about the littlest thing.:expressionless:


C mon obviously they would be promoting titans stuff it’s their first original series. They want this service to make money

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I understand why you feel this way and I feel it too. Although I know that there will be other shows available soon. There are all sorts of things you can do still such as watch tv series, movies, and even read other comics that are not Titan related. I am especially waiting for the new Swamp Thing. I just want to know how they are going to pull it off!

@snoboy352.15211, see ya later, then. I’m enjoying the service.