Influential character in your life

Which and what character influenced you the most and why? What’s your story?

Green Lantern and the other corps, and you might argue the ideas behind the corps. I have a set of stainless steel rings for Green, Sinestro, Red, and Blue corps. I’m not much of a jewelry guy, but I love Green Lantern so once in a while I’d where them. When my wife got pregnant with twins in late 2016 from a round of IVF, I found that I started wearing my blue ring more. We lost the twins in April of 2017. We started another round of IVF in the fall of 2017 and I found myself wearing the blue ring often again. I suppose you could say it was comforting to me to have that symbol of Hope with me. Not only that, but it would cause me to put myself in a mindset of a blue lantern. When I’d feel anxious or nervous about the pregnancy I would calm myself with the “All will be well” My son was born on August 19th, will be one month old in two days. I can’t say why Green Lantern has been an influence. I suppose just the heroic messages we all get from these characters resonates with us somehow. I grew up loving DC and it’s heros for not much other reason that most of us did. I did get to name my son Hal though. So there’s that!

Nightwing, because he’s literally the story of a boy growing into a man.