Incompetent Characters In DC Comics, TV, Movies, & Radio

My biggest issue with show Iris is when the showrunners decided to try to make her the leader and command central. It took away her own career and character progression, IMO. Then she would say stuff like this and drive me crazy. Other characters would parrot similar stuff too, which would also annoy me. The show finally gave Iris her career back and potentially a life outside of Barry. Hopefully, that helped her character; I’m not caught up on the series.

Still, my issue with show Iris isn’t so much incompetence, but that the show tried to make her something she’s (again IMO) not… so kind of over-competent in areas not her expertise. Also, this show kind of bugs me for taking so much of Wally’s run and throwing it at Barry. I mean, I get why, but still. :stuck_out_tongue:


Snapper Carr
The Wonder Twins- that is until they went nuts and killed everybody.


Woo woo! Don’t mess with the Holliday Girls!


In my honest opinion none of the DC shows for CW are particularly well written. Legends of Tomorrow is fun due only to the fact it is so far removed from DC cannon. But the rest are made almost unbearable due to the fact that the CW writers take a good character and try to make them their own. Arrow, Flash, Supergirl and Batwoman were all written by people who never read the comics.


I can’t speak for the other characters, but I have read just about every Supergirl comic written and seen every appearance. The CW version is a much better representation of Supergirl than what the comic writers are putting out lately. I can’t say whether they have read the comics or if they are lucky, but they are doing well in my opinion. Yeah they screw up her powerlevel now and then and nick too many Kal-stories, but the character is there.

No she isn’t the angry N52 kara some expect from reading red daughter or her kryptonite poison or infection arc, but that character trait exists only in a blink of her 60 year history.


OMG yes to this @Pow-Pow. Worst correctional facility staff EVER.

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arkham allowed a young doctor fresh out of med school to have unsupervised with a munipulitive murderous psycho,

I might get flack for this but most versions of Amanda Waller is just terrible at her job. If there was even the slightest bit of realism one of her suicicde squad members would have killed her long ago.


In my opinion, Jimmy Olsen in Lois & Clark: The Adventures of Superman, How many girlfriend does this guy have? He couldn’t manage to stay in relationship for more then 1 episode! :slightly_smiling_face: