In Memoriam: Michael J. Pollard

Michael John Pollard passed at the age of 80 on 20 November, 2019. He had so many great performances as a character actor over the years, but those of you here in the Universe can forever enjoy him in the New Adventures of Superboy…

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General audiences of a certain age will know him from Bonnie and Clyde. Trekkies will know him from “Miri.” Purveyors of slasher schlock may remember his death-by-stick from Sleepaway Camp III. Lovers of obscure Westerns will remember his turn as Billy the “Punk Kid.”

And Jim Lowe once sung his praises, too.

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It was sad to hear of his passing. He was amazing in his Superboy appearances and he was also one of those “That guy!” actors who always put a smile on your face when he popped up in something.

Loved him in Tango and Cash


His credits are a who’s who of entertainment, Alfred Hitchcock Presents included

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