im new to DC and looking for somewhere to start.

Hello all im looking for a good place to start reading

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If you go to the main menu
Then Browse
Then Top of Line
Get to Know
Tnen at bottom
sort A through Z

There are thirty six major DC characters listed


Dick Grayson
Teen Titans
Wonder Woman

Have Clickable Start Reading Guides.
Plus Major Movies & TV shows character appeared in

The other 31

Have Major Movies & TV shows character appeared in
Plus their Major Titles.

If you want a Start Reading Guide that is not clickable for the other characters like
Batman Aquaman and Shazam

I can copy and paste the Start Reading Article for that character, if it is available, to this Thread for you.


Ok thank you im reading injustice 1 right now

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Lots of people here enjoy injustice.


I would suggest the ‘court of owls’ storyline. It was the first thing I read in a long while and was very quickly invested in it. Start with Batman (2011) #1 and continued in that series for a while. Don’t know off hand the other issues involved or if they’re in a collection here.

For Superman, try out Action Comics #866-870:

For Batman, try out Legends of the Dark Knight #16-20:

For Wonder Woman, try out Wonder Woman (1987) #10-14:

For Ambush Bug, try out Ambush Bug #1-4:

I think that about covers it.

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Thank you all for helping me

If you want to start with recent stuff

New 52 (2011) and
Rebirth (2016)

Are robots requiring no prior information.

Here is my recommendations for the big five

Aquaman 2011

Batman Detective Comics 2016

Superman Lois and Clark
Superman 2016

Wonder Woman
Year One 2016 early even issues

Justice League’ 2011 #7-11,
0, 14-16 and 18-21.

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If you need background knowledge before reading DC Comics

I suggest two videos

The documentary Secret Origins The History of DC Comics

The animated film Justice League New Frontier.

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Don’t ignore the other great books. I heartily recommend JSA, both volumes. James Robinson’s STARMAN is 100% wonderful.

PLANETARY is worthy of standing next to WATCHMEN. Seriously. A true work of art.
“It’s a strange world.” “Let’s keep it that way.”

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