If you had to work for a super villain who would it be?

Title says it all. If you were forced to work for a super villain who would you pick? Ignore the law breaking part. You are being forced so they will let you off.

I choose Lex Luthor. It may not have worked for Porky Pig but it apparently works for thousands of other employees around the world.


The Penguin. Only as a bartender. Over in the corner.


Lex. For the sake of good PR, I bet he offers a great benefits package.

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Magneto, he is often fighting the wrong way for the right cause.

Lexcorp is currently hiring new employees if any candidate’s are interested. Email you’re resumè and credentials to lexcorpofficial@worlddomination.com. We currently have open postions for LexComp, LexChemical, LexEl Investments, LexMart, LexComm, FedLex, LexOil, LexAir. Thank you for you’re time and please vot for Lex.

Mercy Graves


I would say Riddler but he would probably spend all day calling me an idiot so I’ll just go with Penguin

I’d go with the Riddler. I love puzzles and riddles, so it feels like a good fit.