If you could work for DC Comics what would you do and why.

I would happily take out the trash just to be apart of it

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When I was little I wanted to be a artist but I’m not that good at drawing. But I do think I could be good at pitching story ideas. I know I couldn’t be a writer but a idea guy is very possible.

I would provide freelance articles for DCUniverse.com and DCComics.com and travel to conventions and press events to interivew my favorite creators and the stars of DC-TV. It would be a nice life.


The glue that holds a comic together is a good editor, and that’s exactly where I’d want to be. Just help facilitate the writers and artists to make each book the best they can. If I do my job right, no one will even know I’m there.


Must be nice, @JoshuaLapinBertone. :wink:

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Editor. Especially if it were the Batman family of books! :grin:

Writer/editor. I couldn’t draw to save a kid sidekicks life hahaha!

I would love to be a writer. I’d like to do the whole revive obscure character that hasn’t been used in 30 years and update them thing. Pay my dues and naturally would love to one day write for the Bat and his family.

Much of my present work is editorial and project management in nature on fast deadlines, so I probably would be successful at being an editor. That would be fun and I am sure you would learn a lot from the writers and artists you work with.

I would want to be a writer. I have a Green Lantern idea that involves the dark Multiverse.


duhhh :slight_smile: p

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:superhero:Producer or some other sort of coordinator or influencer or something. Ummm… I am really a useful person, what’s available? LOL. :superhero:


I would write Superman! He would, first and foremost, be earth’s greatest protector, and he would fight a never-ending battle for “truth, justice, and the American way”. And most importantly he would keep his family together.


Thank yall for all the responses, I haven’t had this many people respond.


Write. I got ideas for Superman and Wonder Woman. Plus animation.


I’d probably edit, maybe design the ad layouts. While I feel like I’ve got some good idea’s, I’m definitely not a good writer, and I’m a terrible artist.


I can’t draw, and my writing…I have autism, so I struggle in some aspects. I’d like to be a co-author, but I don’t think I could handle a book by myself.

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DC Editorial needs to read this thread.

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Yes they do, I hope so. @vroom

I would be an editor. This way I could make sure only in depth credible stories are brought to our fans!!!

I’d write an ongoing, mostly focused on Cassandra Cain, if not entirely, and thoroughly remove all traces of her reinvention. David Cain is alive (and his retcon is thrown out, too, so he actually cares about Cass), most of the Eternal books happened differently or was just a bad trip on Scarecrow’s fear gas, and no one ever heard of a brat called Harper Row. We go on as if Flashpoint never happened for her, because if Superman can ignore most of the New52-mandated changes, then I think Cass deserves the extra mile of ignoring ALL of them.

I have many ideas as to how make this work, and this is one of them: