If You Are Excited About The New Batman/Superman Book, Avoid Oct/Nov. Solicitations


As many of you may already know, the new Batman/Superman book spins out of the Batman Who Laughs mini series. Its central premise is that TBWLaughs has corrupted six heroes in the DCU, turning them into dark, twisted versions of themselves. Clark and Bruce team up to figure out who they are.

The first was revealed by DC itself in several previews a month or so ago. (Ugh)

But now several more have been revealed in the October and November solicitations - both in the copy and on some of the variant covers.

So be wary if you want to avoid spoilers.


Thanks for the heads up. I’m definitely excited for this book because of Joshua Williamson!

Thanks. I was just about to check them.

How do we know it’s a spoiler for sure?

It may certainly appear that way, but the story could certainly end up going in a different direction.

Spoiler or not, I’m looking forward to the new volume of Batman/Superman.

Don’t all solicitations spoil the books these days. There rarely ever is a surprise now.