If Jason was in Young Justice

I think Jason would be a good fit for Young Justice Outsiders. His death was implied in season 2, and I feel like adding him could help Dick and Tim’s development immensely. The full story of how he became Red Hood could be told since this season is supposed to be darker. I imagine him daunting Tim, making him feel worthless by calling him “Replacement,” and that could help Tim’s development. This could also paint Ra’s Al Ghul a bigger villain, which would leave the door open for Damian Wayne to come in. I would like to see both Damian and Jason come in to Young Justice at one point. I know a lot of people either really want Damian in Young Justice, or they’re opposed to it, and I have discussed why I think adding Damian to Young Justice without taking the spotlight away from Tim is important. Tim is my favorite character, but I think he needs other characters if he’s going to develop and grow as a character. Development comes from hardships.


Yeah I think Jason would fit in YJ. I feel that Tim hasn’t gotten enough attention and Jason appearing from the dead would make dick and Tim’s relationship stronger. Might even bring babs closer to them.

And I don’t want Damian until season 4 or 5

Jason is my favorite Robin but him being in outsiders will be tricky because of how much time they will have to give to tell his story. Max they could give him is 2 episodes. Would love to see him in the new season.

Also has it been said if he will appear in young justice?

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No I don’t think they have confirmed him to be in the new season. I just think it’s about time he enters the show

I agree completely. I would like to see Tim grow as Robin a bit, fall in love with the job, for it to be taken away from him in the future. And Jason isn’t confirmed to appear, but I hope he does show up in a couple of episodes. His story could be told over the course of a couple of seasons.