If DCU could (and did) make Live Action Movies, what should they be?

I don’t even know if such a thing would be doable for DCU, or something they would want to do. But given that keeping good live action movies on this service can seemingly be an issue. I was thinking if DCU did live action movies, what characters/storylines should they do.

Now keep in mind realistically if they did start making live action movies they would not put characters like Wonder Woman who they can make bank on a big screen release on, and would not have an Aquaman of Justice Leage Level Budget. (I would guess.)

So within the realm of something done on at least a lower budget then the DCEU movies (likely much lower) and not using the A listers, what movies would be cool if they did?

My vote would go for

The Question
Huntress (maybe even have some fun given the audience that would see it and have it be Batman’s Daughter Earth-2 style)
Sword of the Atom (might be too expensive, but I think as a movie it could be doable on a budget realistic for DCU)
Mr. Terrific
The Golden Age Sandman
Power Girl (again… could do it earth 2 style Superman’s cousin… maybe use her and Huntress to build a franchise. Might be too expensive, but if they can make Superman/Supergirl work on a TV budget over and over, think Power Girl could work as a movie. Especially if they focused more on character development over huge spectacle.)

Now sure off the top of my head what else but sure some of you could come up with even better ideas.

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Jonah Hex


I can think of a few off the top of my head:

  • A trilogy of period piece movies featuring The Golden Age versions of Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman.

  • A Kingdom Come Trilogy

  • Mister Terrific

  • Human Target

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Justice league Dark
Metal Men

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I would think that a low budget two hour movie would cost less than a 10 hour tv season. But that is just speculation on my part. So maybe your idea isn’t so far off.

But yeah, that format could be awesome for a series of movies with Jonah Hex or any of the western characters.

And if they could find a way to do a live action Power Girl I would flip my wig for any version (big screen, small screen) for that.

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With u on Huntress, one of my faves.
Zatanna. Heard rumors, but she might be my favorite underrated alongside Raven.
A Legion Of Superheroes would be nice.
Power Girl, which u said too, but I have to concur.
Oracle, with Killing Joke background.
Dr. Fate. Origin.
Lady Shiva has a great background story.
Wildcat for sure.
Gentlemen Ghost could work, love em. Pretty solid background story.
Dr. Polaris the same.
B’wana Beast.

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I want

The Question
Johan Hex
Etrigon - not sure if he would be to expense but they are doing a Swamp Thing TV series, so why not.

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Catwoman in Rome would be an easy one to make, and it would expand the Bat universe here on the App without having to cast a Batman


I know an earlier user wrote Kingdom Come trilogy.
I personally would love to see a Kingdom Come series, much like the Titans show on DC Universe. This way they can focus on the characters and story lines and give us the best treatment of the full scope of the story in the graphic novel.

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