Idk, vs Titans and 3 episodes of (the sadly canceled) Swamp Thing

It DC we’re trying to save money or we’re having some sort of financial issue, don’t you think they’d cancel Doom Patrol before swamp thing (even after 4 episodes)? Curious about opinions. I was mixed on DP, too many episodes that kinda meandered.

The North Carolina Thing was only rumors; WB has confirmed that that’s not why it was cancelled. And I don’t like the idea of cancelling a show for another one. And Doom Patrol has been better received than Swamp Thing so far.

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The NC rumor wasn’t true but it still lost a ton of money and went crazy over budget.

That’s why you cancel Swamp Thing and not Doom Patrol.

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As a big fan of Titans from comics and other versions, I’d not be particularly sad if they canceled Titans. Not awful but kinda a mess.

I LOVED, LOVED Doom Patrol and can’t really get into Swamp thing, so I’d never trade that

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Titans was already bought for two seasons. DP is less costly to produce. Why did Rita use her powers much in the show. Cuz CGI costs money and time. I’d wager Swamp Thing got cancelled because of its connection to so much of the green (and I ain’t talking plant life).

I know Swamp Thing fans don’t want to hear it, but it’s not a money maker with likely the largest budget of any of the three. So, it loses.

Titans drew us in, Swamp Thing has the best quality so far. ST and DCU has made us enjoy DC more.