Ideas for animated movies

With so many animated movies out there based on Batman and Superman, how about some ideas for characters you’d like to see DC turn into an animated film. Come up with ten!

  1. Red Hood and the Outlaws (not Under the Red Hood)
  2. Hawkman
  3. Adam Strange
  4. The Question
  5. Dr. Fate
  6. Mister Terrific
  7. Legion of Superheros
  8. Secret Six
  9. Justice Society
  10. The Challengers
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I think the Supersons is tailor made for a good family friendly animated series.

Wonder Woman animated series

Watchmen as a dark/mature animated series

The Sinestro Corps War as an animated movie

Grayson by Tom King but as a mature animated series following special agent Dick Grayson.

New Gods/Fourth World animated series

JSA animated series based on Geoff Johns run

Kingdom Come mature animated movie

Deathstroke mature animated movie

Superman based on the Rebirth run by Tomasi as a family friendly animated series

Aquaman and Mera animated series following them in their Atlantis/surface world adventures.

Red Hood and the Outlaws mature animated series.

New Superman family friendly animated series.

So many possibilities for potential animation, I wish DC had 5 animated shows a year lol.

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Nightwing/batgirl movie also would like to see a movie or tv series base on the injustice games/comics

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