Idea for new original series: Scooby Doo

Would anybody else be interested in a Scooby Doo live action series but with a lot of horror elements in it. The trailers for the new Sabrina series put the idea in my head got me thinking about it and I really think it could work. DC has Scooby Doo comics so it is possible.


A Timothy Hunter series would be much better. Tim Hunter is basically the original Harry Potter lol.

Sure, are they a dc owned thing?

You’re thinking of Scooby Apocalypse

batman and scooby doo episodes are classic shows I’d watch it if they had it

I’d be happy with a new Scooby animated series in the vein of the original series but maybe a little bit more adult themes (still funny and silly but not Teen Titans GO! silly).

Mystery Incorporated is probably the closest series. Not exactly dark or adult but it’s filled with a ton of horror references and has an intriguing ongoing story.