I was thinking...

As I was watching the 1989 Batman on DC Universe, I find my obsession of the Riddler is alot like Vicki Vale with her obsession with who Batman is. I realize if I found out who the Riddler is, he or she may not come back as the Riddler! While Ms. Vale went as far as going into a batcave, I’m going to stop looking for clues and stop taunting the Riddler. When he or she comes back with a new riddle, I want to enjoy reading the riddle and guess the answer too it. DC Mods may not be a fan of his or her, but I am! :grin:

Riddler’s riddles are just a fun way for people to be expressive in their cunningness. The last time there was one, I misread some of the interactions, and said something that apparently quickly escalated the situation. Nothing bad, but enough to seem like an inflated balloon was popped by a nail.
Should I be the reason there is no new riddle, then I apologize and will refrain from future riddles. But, I hope my comment was not so appalling that the game of riddles lost its interest.

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:slightly_smiling_face:Nope, you’re fine. I’m sure Whoever the Riddler is, he or she will be back with a new riddle, so far his or her visit is once a week and doesn’t stay very long. Twice I miss the fun so in a fun way I was calling him or her out of hiding to give me a riddle to guess. Did you ever notice how the whole thing started? Read “Educating DC Mods” By Harleys Puddin, very interesting!

:slightly_frowning_face:Now that I’m thinking, I just hope I didn’t scare off Harleys Puddin! I haven’t seen him on here for a while. Hope he comes back. And Riddler too!

I’m sure they both will be back. I doubt the Riddler will, but he may include riddles for when he will show up next.

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I’m sure it would take a little more than poking around to scare off the RIddler!
Watch your back. He may sneak up on you when you least expect it…:eyes:


The thread title reminded me of this classic from the early 90’s:



:anguished: KittyKrawler’s comment reminded me of a very old video of a guy singing,'Lon Chaney will get you if you don’t watch out!" I saw it on TCM documentary Lon Chaney: A man behind a thousand faces. Guess I’m really asking for it!