I thought superboy was lex Luthor and superman’s son (thier clone) why did superboy refer to superman as “his brother” in the last episode of young justice

Superman is Superman and Lex Luthor’s son too???

He’s cloned from Superman and Lex’s DNA. Superman wasn’t there to raise him because he didn’t know about him until Conner was broken out of Cadmus. Their relationship is more brotherly than anything which is why he referred to him as a brother.


Like @superby1 said, it’s a figurative use of brother.

It started as a more father son thing which became a brotherly thing over time

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He didn’t…

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Conner was adopted by Ma and Pa Kent and Clark thinks of him as his brother. So they are brothers, even if Conner is biologically his son. Jon Kent (Superboy 3) is his bio son and Conner’s nephew. Even though, biologically, they’re half brothers. If Jon has a brother, it’s Chris Kent (Clark’s adopted son and the bio son of Zod), assuming DC ever gets over its problems with adoptive families and lets him be Clark’s son again. He wasn’t evil until Rebirth. Also, let’s just say when we say Bendis has “Chris Kented” Jon. This Chris is who we’re talking about.