I still enjoy Batman forever/ Batman & Robin

Even though these movies are hated by pretty much everyone, I still find them enjoyable. For the longest time as a kid, Batman and Robin was my favorite Batman movie


I’ve always proclaimed my love for Batman Forever and it being underrated to me including Val Kilmer in the role. I simply prefer other bat films as my favorites though

Batman & Robin is such a guilty pleasure. By far the weakest Batman movie but it still has a unique charm and not just a "so bad it’s good"type of thing . It’s like Batman: The Silver Age Movie or Batman: The Brave and the Bold: The Movie

I actually liked the designs of the robin suits in the movies

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I remember being excited for them in the 90s

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I still kinda get excited for Batman Forever whenever I hear the U2 song from that movie’s soundtrack and music video

Were in luck their adding a ton of them. I’m a fan cuz I grew up with Keaton as my 1st big screen Bats. But they still hold up imo.

I really enjoy watching Batman Forever, I thought Val Kilmer did a great job since Micheal Keaton left. As for Batman & Robin…

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I enjoy them too, I have since each of their theatrical releases. Batman Forever’s a good flick and Batman & Robin is a guilty pleasure.


I can’t believe how such a crapfest Batman and Robin was. Even the 1940s shorts were a billion times better. We had already seen Robin in Batman Forever, so why in the hell was this called Batman and Robin? Dumb and lazy. I mean, Joel did provided a public apology for this fecal mess. At least the director realized he got paid handsomely for worthlessness. As a kid a watched it and tried to give it a chance, but my friends who are true fans said it was crap. They were right. It’s like he tried to reincarnate the 60s Batman 30 years later for fun, but it was not even a timing issue…just sucked and was an insult to the prior three movies. Many have said that this is the worst batman movie of all time. This is true, but it holds one bigger title. WORST MOVIE OF ALL TIME! For the budget, star power, CGI, character/franchise, screen play/story, art, costumes, and nipples…all of these factors…it truly is the worst movie of all time.

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Just watched Batman Returns and Batman Forever back to back. It has been a while since I did but I have to say that not only do I still like it but overall may prefer it over Batman Returns

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