I Need Some Green Lantern Corps Blackest Night Help

So I was re-reading the tradepaper back of Blackest Night Green Lantern,

and the ending has been bugging me spoilers if you haven’t read any of The Blackest Night, so at the end of this story, Sinestro, Becomes the White Lantern,

okay cool,

But we get a , To Be Concluded in ; Blackest Night…

So here is my confusion I dust off my TP of Blackest Night, and my aggravation returns from the depths of the abyss, I start thumbing through and sure enough, no mention of Sinestro and the white lantern in, The Blackest Night; Where I THOUGHT, I was directed to as a to be concluded.

BUT THEN To add to my confusion I remember the series, Brightest Day, I have those trade paperbacks, where Sinestro, Hal, and someone else are trying to lift the sword out of the stone but they can’t. aka the white lantern.

So really confusing, Brightest Day doesn’t reference Sinestro becoming the White Lantern in Blackest Night, and the entire thing of Sinestro becoming the White Lantern, from my collection of the series, seems to just have the entire thing disappear as if it never happened.

Would someone, be it hubcity cant remember his name, or anyone, just clue me in on what in the world happened in this regard?

Any help would be greatly appreciated and you will be awarded as many points as you can hold in one hand.


@HubCityQuestion if ya would be so kind to help me figure this out.

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Green Lantern #52 is the issue I remember focusing on White Lantern Sinestro. It also has one of my favorite covers ever. :slight_smile:


well bananas; see no where in my trade paper backs does that issue even appear, I thought the trade paper backs always had , well, everything. Tie ins, etc.

So does that issue, take place directly after Blackest Night Green Lantern ( TP ) ? and is it just a oneshot ? or is it followed up in another part of the series?

I got a better handle on DC Stories now, but this was when I was just starting out in collecting, and so I am trying to fill in the gap here with this one.

@HubCityQuestion come on, lil help?!

Green Lantern #52 is set between Blackest Night #7 and Blackest Night #8, in a storyline happening concurrently to Blackest Night in the main Green Lantern title. It should be collected in Blackest Night: Green Lantern. If you’d like to read the entire thing all together, both stories are collected appropriately in the Blackest Night 10th Anniversary Omnibus.