I’m new...

Hi I’m new… so my friends told me to join this app because all the dc characters I love are in this app like comics and movies… however I’m not subscribed I’m think about it please comment if I should. And do you get free merch.


Welcome! There’s no free merch, but this a massive library of comics and some great original series, so I would suggest subscribing. If you decide not to, you’re always welcome here in the community (so long as it stays free).

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You should subscribe.

There isn’t really any free merch but there’s also a possibility that you can be elected for a community hero in which DC sends you a box of free stuff!

(I’ve been here forever but never won, I’m convinced that I’m hated for half my posts and loved for half my others lol)

There is an exclusive store with some pretty cool stuff tht you won’t find anywhere else. I bought the gold batgirl and I feel special every time I see it.

This is the best community and the service has alot to offer, whether you like cartoons, talk shows, comics, movies, it’s all here. People are nice here. I feel like they genuinely care for each other and even though I don’t know anybody on a personal level I feel like this has become like a second family.


Come on in! Watch some great old shows! Watch some great new shows! Read 20,000 comics that get added to every single Tuesday! Play in the forums!


We do have regular contests for merch, and there’s exclusive stuff for sale in the store all the time. But I’d say it’s worth it for the massive library of comics alone.


Welcome! Now go discover the amazingness of Justice league unlimited!

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Please take a look around at the movies, comics, and community, I hope it’ll be the right fit for you!

I love this app. We have a lively and fun community for discussions and community events (movie watch-alongs, bookclubs, trivia, etc.)



Thank you guys so much! Let’s hope my allowance can afforded it


It’s quite wonderful here, hope you like it as well.
Plus, we have a kitchen


I suggest you take a look around before subscribing.

You cant look at comics or movies or tv but you can see whats there. Currently we dont have CW or Movies for last 10 years, except for animation movies which come and go. This is almost certain to continue.

If your device has a Browse line. You can filter by age of comic and certain writers and authors.

You also have Search thr Magnifying Glass.

You should be able to look at Home News Community and Encyclopedia.

There is a Start Reading Thread that i just updated in the Support forum in Community.

Nathan.Payson has a reading order for Rebirth the latest reboot of DC Universe where you can start from scratch. New 52 is another place to start


Hi Crazy1211, nice to meet you, and welcome to DC Universe! I’m one of the Alpha Lanterns here, a moderator for the forums. Feel free to reach out if you have any questions about anything! And if you get a chance, come introduce yourself over on our Roll Call thread: yourdcu.com/intro .

We also have our Community Guidelines posted here, if you’re ever wondering about how the Community works yourdcu.com/cmg . Make yourself at home!

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if you want to read comics and watch shows about DC and its heroes, this is the perfect app for you. Just remember they don’t have any of the comics that aren’t a year old yet. Welcome to the community.